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Our Staff

Meet Novella

2014 AT&T headshot 1Novella Edwards has owned and operated Uniquely Yours since 1991. Novella is a graduate and former national educator for Dudley Products who travelled the country for 15 years sharing her knowledge and skills with other industry professionals. Her knowledge of maintaining healthy hair is outstanding and the level of quality service she provides is second to none.


Meet Barbara

IMG_0051Barbara is the receptionist for Uniquely Yours Hair Designers and serves as an incredible asset to our team. If you need to set up an appointment or find top-notch customer service, Barbara is here to help! Our stylists and customers are very grateful for the assistance that she provides.

Meet Stephanie

IMG_0078 Stephanie Burgess brings precision, style, and a specialized touch to her clients. Her clients are favored with a look of personal preference and professionalism. Serving the Athens community over the past two decades, Stephanie’s experience is one that is sure to please.

Meet Kandra

IMG_0071Kandra Allen is a licensed stylist who originally joined the Uniquely Yours team in 2001. After leaving Athens for two years to serve as a Dudley Salon stylist in Marietta, Kandra returned to Uniquely Yours with a great deal of growth and experience as a trained stylist.

Meet Eileen

IMG_0060Eileen Flint has served as a hairstylist, nail technician, and pedicure artist for over twenty years. As a member of Uniquely Yours Hair Designers for a number of years now, Eileen brings the team a wealth of experience in multicultural salon maintenance.

Meet Marsha

photoMarsha Strobel is a beauty industry veteran with over 25 years in the business. Qualified as a Redkin color specialist, Marsha uses her knowledge and skills to add flavor to a variety of beautiful styles. As a former advanced training educator, Marsha leaves her clients with a look of sheer confidence.