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Our Services
Uniquely Yours offers a full line-up of exciting and multicultural style services. With passionate, qualified stylists and a variety of great services, we’re confident that Uniquely Yours can create the perfect look for you.


For ethnic or naturally curly hair, Uniquely Yours offers several different relaxer options to chemical straightening.

  • Virgin Relaxers for first time relaxer users. Virgin relaxers are great for those who have been natural and want to straighten the natural wave pattern of hair for beautifully convenient styling.
  • Relaxer Retouches to refresh previously relaxed hair. A retouch is done on average 6 to 8 weeks depending on the hair texture to keep hair healthy.
  • Partial Relaxers designed to keep some natural curls. Partials relaxers are done to maintain silkier short styles too.
  • Corrective Relaxers for hair that wasn’t properly relaxed at home or at another salon.


For straight-haired clients seeking a curly style, Uniquely Yours offers permanent wave hair treatments. Using health-conscious hair products, our stylists can add beautiful new curls for any head of hair. We offer perms for both caucasian and ethnic hair.


Whether you’re looking to restore your hair to its original color or transform it with a brand new hue, Uniquely Yours has the ideal color treatment for you.

  • Highlights lighten hair as it is pulled through a cap or applied with foil.
  • Foils provide one or more new colors as hair is applied with a chemical and sectioned into groups of foil. This look is more detailed for tailored color.
  • Semi-permanent color provides hair a fresh new look that shampoos out over an extended period of time. professional color is used to cover grey and to create more natural looks
  • Trend coloring offers a wide array of exciting hues to keep up with the latest fashions.


From quick trims to total transformations, the Uniquely Yours stylist team can create any look you envision. Our salon features an unrivaled multicultural expertise that makes Uniquely Yours the right choice for any hair type.


If you’re looking to add length, volume, or new colors to your hair, a Uniquely Yours weave may be the option for you. Integrating natural or artificial extensions into your own existing hair, our stylists can produce a totally new look.

  • Sew-In Weaves are adding by sewing extensions into a tight braid of an individual’s own hair. Other skillful methods are used for a more natural feel and appearance.
  • Bonding uses specialized, healthy hair glue to attach extensions onto existing hair.
  • Quick Weaves completely cover existing hair with a cap of new extensions.


Sometimes you want a look that can’t be defined as simply “straight” or “curly.” If you’d like something a little more exciting, Uniquely Yours offers creative braids for adventurous clients.

  • Corn rows are created through the tight braiding of hair very close to the scalp.
  • Twists are formed as hair is sectioned off and spun into rope-like strands.

Shampoo Stylings

The Uniquely Yours stylist team uses a wide variety of shampoo styling methods to produce gorgeous results. Here are just a few of the ways Uniquely Yours can re-envision your hairstyle!

  • Thermo/Flat Iron techniques
  • Up-do trend styling
  • Twist sets
  • Spirals
  • Sculpted Styles


For healthy skin and beautiful looks, Uniquely Yours offers facial serves. Our salon offers facial waxing and facial skin treatments.

Group Stylings

Have a special event coming up? Uniquely Yours wants to make sure that you and your guests have the opportunity to celebrate in style. Our group styling packages are perfect for:

  • Weddings
  • Proms
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Quinceaneras